Big Daddy ‘O’ Bio

At 6’ 6 “ Big Daddy 'O' is an engaging presence on Stage. His large frame supports an even larger voice that pulsates from a powerful shout down to a beautiful whisper. For more than thirty years Big Daddy ‘O’ has been playing in roadhouses and bars in the delta area near the Louisiana/Mississippi border. Rabadash Records "discovered" Big Daddy 'O' playing at Betty’s Bar in Amite, Louisiana at the turn of the century. 

Now a decade and 3 critically acclaimed CD’s later Big Daddy ‘O’ is finally reaching a national audience. His approach to performing songs makes each song sound like his own, and everyone who has the pleasure of hearing him loves his big beautiful voice and good-natured presentation. He performs as a solo with his acoustic guitar custom made for him by guitar Luthier, Scott Quiroz in San Diego, or with a full hard hitting Blues Band demonstrating his considerable blues chops on his 1969 Les Paul Deluxe.

Big Daddy 'O' is one of those rare blues finds.
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Deranged Covers
  • 1. Crossroads (2:54)
  • 2. Built For Comfort (3:04)
  • 3. Give It Your Best (2:45)
  • 4. Stormy Weather (3:48)
  • 5. Confessing The Blues (4:25)
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Used Blues
  • 1. Life Is Hard
  • 2. Better Off With The Blues
  • 3. Soul Fixin Man
  • 4. Need Your Love So Bad
  • 5. Something Special
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What You Gotta Go Through
  • 1. What You Got To Go Through (2:40)
  • 2. Heavenly Joy (3:09)
  • 3. Angel (4:34)
  • 4. Don't Worry 'Bout It Baby (4:35)
  • 5. Doin' His Job (2:54)
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